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The timing couldn't be anymore impeccable, cryptocurrency is gaining explosive popularity, adoption is being created and once again is capturing public recognition... although it's been around for a few years.


Cryptocurrency is something we foresee will create more millionaires and even more wealth preservation in the next twelve months into 2020. Consider the following...


Just a few months ago, for the first time in its history 1 Bitcoin surpassed the price of Gold at £2000.




1 month later it reached £2,500...




You might notice how suddenly everyone around you is talking about Bitcoin - and other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Ripple, if not you need to read on.


Thing is... Cryptocurrency has been around for a few short years and on initial reception, it was met with scepticism.

This went on to produce millionaires like Gavin Andersen, Yifu Guo, Dave Carlson, and more...




3 Reasons Why People Are Buying Cryptocurrency Now...

Now I know what you might be thinking...

"Did I miss the train?"

"Am I too late?"

That was what I initially thought too, until I did some research.


Short Answer: it's just getting started, and it looks like it will be here to stay for a long time.


To understand that, here are 3 main reasons why people buy or invest in Cryptocurrency:

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Reason #1. It's HOT

Bitcoin is making some serious coin right now for serious traders. If you had bought just £100 worth in May 2010, you'd have coin worth £5.9 Million today. Sure, you wished you had done this back then but hey there are still other cryptocurrencies to invest in.

Reason #2. It's Liquid

Japan's decision to start recognizing it as legal tender in April 2017 seems to have led directly to the current run-up. Markets in Japan and South Korea recently priced it at £5,350 per coin. This seems to be fueling a rally in other cryptocurrencies.

Reason #3. Hedge Against Market Uncertainty

While I think it's a good time to invest in Cryptocurrency (my business partners and I have been buying some across Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple)...

If you wish to learn more about cryptocurrency & Bitcoin we have put together a short video course to help you learn the basics. 


“Bitcoin Millionaires Video Series"

  • Video 1: What is Crypto Currency
  • Video 2: Types of Crypto Currency
  • Video 3: How to open an account
  • Video 4: Strategies to invest
  • Video 5: How to collect more Bitcoin
  • Video 6: Why buy Crypto Currency?
  • Video 7: Are there any drawbacks?
  • Video 8: The Future of Crypto Currency

As well as:

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